About Us


The Golden Friendship Club is a charity which promotes social inclusion! We are aimed towards members of the community who are primarily elderly, people who have disabilities and require carers or are in assisted living. We do this by providing both recreational facilities and activities.

We meet five days a week and enjoy lots of different activities ranging from a disability sports club, carpet bowls, karaoke, disco and Boccia!

We encourage members to participate in events, allowing integration and socialisation within the community.

We currently have around 200 members, who have overcome many disabilities and age problems, many feel vulnerable and afraid. Happily many members are growing in confidence and making lasting friendship with other members.


The club was started in January 2017, and the membership is growing weekly. We have found that there are so many people in the community who are isolated for one reason and another. At the start of 2019 we rolled out a loneliness campaign ‘ Grab a Granny’ where we asked members of the public to give up there time and to encourage family, friends or neighbours to come along on a Tuesday afternoon and get some entertainment a cup of tea and wee bit of a blether! We did a leaflet drop so that we could reach as many people in the community as there are so many people who do not use social media!

We have organised lots of varied events which include:-

Organised visits to various venues (for example pantomimes, away days to Hampden Park, Celtic and Rangers Stadiums)

Day visits to the BBC studios

Short breaks to Blackpool


In July 2019 we are purchased our current premises!
This gives us the opportunity to develop the club even further. We were able to buy the building thanks to our very generous donors and the massive fundraising push from our members! We held a sponsored disability walk (pictured above) which was very successful and we raised a huge amount!